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Record Run in Saravana

February 27, 2010

Another feather to MGR’s cap. Saravana theater was re-releasing MGR movies quite some time. But not continuously. From 27.11.2009 Saravana theater management planned to screen continuous 100 days with MGR movies colour, black and white movies.


And the plan is working out successfully. MGR fans throng the theater to see MGR movie every week. This the 14th week of continuous MGR movie released in Saravana theater.


Next week it will be 100 days of continuous MGR movies in Saravana, the management and Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal Trust will celebrate the function in grand manner.


The movies released so far:




Movie Name

01 27.11.2009 Urimai Kural
02 04.12.2009 Ayirathil Oruvan
03 11.12.2009 Arasa Kattalai
04 18.12.2009 Thai Sollai Thatathay
05 25.12.2009 Adimai Penn
06 01.01.2010 Sirthu Vazha Vendum
07 08.01.2010 Kumarikottam
08 15.01.2010 Nan En Piranthen
09 22.01.2010 Neethiku Pin Pasam
10 29.01.2010 Uruku Uzhaipavan
11 05.02.2010 Meenava Nanban
12 12.02.2010 Nalai Namathey
13 19.02.2010 Baghdad Thirudan
14 26.02.2010 Anbay Vaa


Data forwarded by MGR Devotee Venkat.


100th day will be posted next week.

100 Days Theaters in Chennai City

February 14, 2010
Sri MGR Year 93, 14th February Sunday

MGR has acted as Hero in 115 movies. The First movie he acted as Hero was “Rajakumari” and last is “Madurai Meeta Sundarapandian”. I complied this post early in November 2009 and still it is incomplete. I will republish this post whenever I get time.
All 115 MGR movies were released in the following Theaters:
1. Agasthiya
2. Ashok
3. Abirami
4. Broadway
5. Bharath
6. Bhuvaneswari
7. Brighton
8. Crown
9. Chitra
11. Devi Paradise
12. Devi Kala
13. Gaiety
14. Globe
15. Jayaraj
16. Kamala
17. Krishnaveni
18. Kabali
19. Kamadhenu
20. Lakshmi
21. Liberty
22. Mahalakshmi
23. Midland
24. Maharani
25. Mekala
26. Murugan
27. Maharaja
28. Murali Krishna
29. Noorjahan
30. Natraj
31. Odeon
32. Prabath
33. Pandian
34. Paragon
35. Plaza
36. Palaniappa
37. Pilot
38. Roxy
39. Rajakumari
40. Ram
41. Star
42. Saraswathi
43. Sayani
44. Sagar
45. Srikrishna
46. Sri Murugan
47. Srinivasa
48. Saravana
49. Sapphire
50. Sathyam
51. Santham
52. Thangam
53. Uma
54. Wellington

Box Office Emperor MGR – Chennai Collection Records

April 27, 2008

These records are from Thirai Ulagam forwarded by B.S.Raj.

MGR took the Bow as a Hero in 1947 to the end of 1977, and he never acted in a Guest role after becoming Hero in ‘Rajakumari’. Total movies acted 136 (excluding the movies Avasara Police 100 and Nallathai Nadu Ketkum) The hero acted movies comes to 115.

MGR movies which generated above Rs.13,00,000/- (13 lakhs) in Chennai City alone are ten. I got the collection details of eight movies so far. The last two movies Ninaithathai Mudipavan and Pallandu Vazhga collection details will be posted as soon as I get the info.

The collections are after the last day of the movie.

Enga Veetu Pillai (1965) – Rs.13,23,683.22

Adimai Penn (1969) – Rs.13,60,256.82

Mattukara Velan (1970) – Rs.13,21,376.11

Rickshawkaran (1971) – Rs.16,84,953.47

This is the 75th day ad in the News Paper of Ithayakani.

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban (1973) – Rs.23,40,064.61

Ithayakani (1975) – Rs.19,89,881.39

Meenava Nanban (1977) – Rs.17,70,518.45

Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga (1977) – Rs.15,68,871.60

Enga Veetu Pillai, Adimai Penn, Mattukara Velan, Rickshawkaran and Ulagam Sutrum Valiban are Silver Jubilee movies, we can easily put that 175 days collection, but take into account the other movies such as Ithayakani, Meenava Nanban and Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga which are 100 day movies.

These records were unbeaten to the end of 1978 in other words until MGR became the Chief Minister and when he left the Cinema world fully.

Previous weeks I had posted about Adimai Penn Re-release in Natraj theater, the collection is 95,000/- the movie was released with a time gap of 4 months and this collection is highest for any re-release movies in Chennai City particularly in Natraj Theater.

Thanks for the info provided by Sathya and Yukesh Babu Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal.

MGR is still the Box Office Emperor.

Adimai Penn Re-Release Records

December 1, 2007

Along with the letters from Madurai I also received the ‘Adimai Penn’ records of October and November release. This movie was released in rainy season, court stay order despite all these hurdles ‘Adimai Penn’ was a money spinner. It collected 25 lakhs in just 12 days.

The following are the theatres which released Adimai Penn (the date 26.10.2007)
Chennai – Sri Brinda (3 and 4 shows) 12 days
Chennai – Abirami (3 and 4 shows) 12 days
Chennai – Melody (4 shows) 13 days
Chennai – Chromepet – Vetri (4 shows) 12 days
Kanchipuram Narayanamurthy 22 days (4 shows)
Thiruvallur Lakshmi 6 days (4 shows)

Date 22.11.2007 (1 week agreement)
Chennai – Bharath- 4 shows
Chennai – Gopikrishna – 4 shows
Chennai – Koyambedu – Rohini – 4 shows
Poonamallee – Vigneswara – 4 shows

From 30.11.2007

Chennai – Kamala – 4 shows
Anakaputhur – Velco – 4 shows
Thiruninravur – Kaveri – 4 shows
Madurai – Alankar – 4 shows
Madurai – Vellakannu – 4 shows

(Madurai release celebrations images will follow soon)

Note: Adimai Penn released in 6 major theatres and collected more than 25 lakhs, a new records that no movie re-release has achieved. A header MGR the only one Superstar in the World.

Images and News courtesy Yukesh Babu and Sathya.

Re-release Ulagam Sutrum Valiban

November 29, 2007

As mentioned in earlier post “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” was released again in Madurai Meenatchi this Deepavali (8.11.2007) with grand celebration from MGR fans. Daily Thanthi flashed the news with photo in its daily (Madurai Edition) The celebrations witnessed by thousands in Meenatchi Theatre. The first time Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was released on 11.5.1973 in same theatre. And the film successfully completed 217 days.

MGR Fans celebrated this movie re-release in grand fashion, crackers and flowers strewn on the streets welcomed it as a New movie release. The joy did not end there, the first week response for the film was excellent and the Theatre management continued this film for the 2nd week.

Four Feet Poster

In the First week ‘Kalai Venthan MGR Bakthargal Peravai’ Madurai brought out posters and welcomed MGR fans. The poster size is four feet which I managed to take a snap and scanned for upload. In the second week the poster was 2 feet which thanked the people, who came to see the movie ‘Ulagam Sutrum Valiban’. The response of the film proves MGR “The Undisputed Box Office Emperor”.

The terms used in Posters:
Puratchi Ma Mannar
MGR means Victory

Thanks for the posters and images sent by MGR Devotee S.Kumar, Madurai.

Two Devotees and a Fan

July 21, 2007

I contacted a MGR devotee Yukesh Babu and asked him to pass some details of MGR to me. And he obliged to send it through internet. I asked to hand over the details to me personally so that I can see him. Yesterday he came sharply by 4.30 pm. accompanied with him another MGR devotee M.Sathyamoorthy alias Sathya. Yukesh as well as Sathya belonged to “PONMANACHEMMAL SRI MGR BAKTHARKAL KUZHU” this network has reached up to Madurai which is headed by S.Kumar. Who updates them with info of collection in Box office done by MGR movies.

Yukesh Babu is of my age, and he had a Ring engraved the three letters Tamil people wont forget “MGR”. Sathya was very young he was not even 26 years old who is residing in Narayana Maistry Street, Otteri, Chennai. To me Sathya was more than a Devotee, he adheres to MGR’s principle, he did not even drink Coffee or Tea because they have caffine – which MGR has said not to drink to his fans. (MGR drinks only Milk) He only watches MGR movies in theatres not another film. He was a very strict MGR Devotee. I felt proud of him. They are eager to make a Web site for MGR.

They also told me that they are against of using MGR film name nowadays and the using MGR as a comedien in some shows which are telecasted in Sun and Vijay TV. I asked them what is wrong of using MGR film name, already some films Nadodi Mannan, Ragasiya Police have released but they failed in the Box Office. Now there is a news of using MGR film name Nam Nadu by Sarathkumar who is also a MGR fan. But they said, we are not against title Nam Nadu we did not like the name Ayirathil Oruvan used again. Because it is a synonym of MGR. I felt right, is there any suggestion MGR Fans? what do you feel?

Yukesh Babu said one thing which gave a tinge of melancholy in the spirited conversation is the death of MGR, he said if MGR death took place now I might not live, I cant think the death of Thalaivar. I also told them whenever I watch in a Cinema Hall the first scene of MGR my eyes becomes watery and ecstatic, I feel relived after seeing MGR.

After 15 minutes of preamble they started to reveal the tip of the Ice Berg giving out the details of MGR related stuff. Which is exhaustive to me. After they left my Office I thought about myself, really I am capable of doing this work. How did they believe I am the right person of doing this task. I don’t know. But I will try do my best, and the spirit of MGR will guide me.

A chat with MGR Devotee

May 28, 2007

There are two kinds of MGR fans I have mentioned in my blog earlier. This time I got a chance to chat with a MGR fan in Tamil MGR Bakthan (MGR Devotee). His name Yukesh Babu from Thiruvatriyur.

First he contacted me through my Blog comments nearly a year before and he passed his Email address to me. Two days back when I logged into Yahoo chat to check my friends, Yukesh Babu came online and he introduced himself again. But I remembered him instantly because he was the one who first commented in my blog and encouraged me to continue blogging.

After formalities he went to say something the finest thing about MGR film records. These are the records he has given to me in chatting. With his permission I am posting this in my Blog.

The first thing he came to know about my MGR blog through Google search. He daily checks my blog and also other MGR related articles in net. When I first said are you a MGR fan, he said quickly no I am not a fan I am a MGR Devotee, he is trying to make a MGR website and give all details about MGR, in his words “Thalaivar” (Leader). He proudly says that his wife is also a MGR devotee, and he worships MGR as his God (Were MGR devotees always do) He regularly visits MGR’s resting place. And he is in active participation in “PONMANASEMMAL MGR DEVOTTES” Otteri. And very important thing is that he has not seen MGR in person. He said I am a luckiest person who has seen God (MGR).

He has lot of paper cuttings regarding MGR, and he spends weekly Rs.50/- or $1.5. He arranges celebrations along other MGR devotees who are weekly labourers.

He said last month MGR movie Thozilali released as Noon Show in Natraj Theatre and created a record collection of Rs.16,000/- this movie created a new record beating the five year Noon show collection. And the rent for Tamil film in Broadway Theatre (these two theatres are in Chennai City) is Rs.8,000/- but for MGR film it is Rs.12,000/- because he says that MGR movie gives big collection. In Bangalore MGR movie still runs in packed houses. And in Madurai 3 films are released every week. (Madurai was the Fort of MGR). He has the paper cutting of Ayirathil Oruvan which was released recently in Sri Lanka reached 50 days.

He narrated MGR’s acting talent in En Thangai, Pasam and Petralthan Pillaiya. But for me the time was short and I have to log off, so I asked him to forward some interesting details about MGR to me.

Roman Holiday

March 21, 2007

Brief Story of Roman Holiday

Princess Anne embarks on a highly publicized tour of European capitals. When she and her royal entourage arrive in Rome, she begins to rebel against her restricted, regimented schedule. One night Anne sneaks out of her room, hops into the back of a delivery truck and escapes her luxurious confinement. However, a sedative she was forced to take earlier starts to take effect, and the princess is soon fast asleep on a public bench. She is found by Joe Bradley, an American newspaper reporter stationed in Rome. He takes her back to his apartment. The next morning Joe dashes off to cover the Princess Anne press conference, unaware that she is sleeping on his couch! Once he realizes his good fortune, Joe promises his editor an exclusive interview with the princess… for further reading of Roman Holiday click

Do you know that Roman Holiday Tamil version was filmed and it was acted by MGR in the role of American Journalist Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck)? If you have seen that beautiful film 1953 Roman Holiday (black and white) directed by William Wyler and starred by Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, you cannot imagine and relate the film to MGR right.

Ok the fact is MGR story writers know how to use the Gregory Peck’s character Joe Bradley to MGR and give less importance to the character of Princess Ann. They refined the story to MGR’s image and added songs and fights as necessary to the Tamil film. Can you guess the film, if no the answer is “Chandrodayam” MGR is a News reporter who has lot of affection to the Poor and doing his duty as it is. Princess Ann character is donned by Jayalalitha who is a Rich Girl who doesn’t know the outer world. She comes out of the her world and she was taken care by MGR. She falls in love, duet songs, and fights as usual.
MGR’s villain was M.R.Radha who is the Editor of the News Paper, who as usually utters “Suttuduvan” (I will shoot you) in this movie also. MGR was from Dravidian movement his film reviews were always remarked badly by most of the yesteryear News Papers and Magazines. In this film one scene M.R.Radha was greeted by a Producer who asks him to praise his movie and boos his opponent film, M.R.Radha accepts the offer and says “Avan padam varutha” with a grim face, MGR interrupts and ask him to be honest in his work. When MGR exits from the scene, the Producer ask the Editor to fire him. But M.R.Radha refuses saying this kind of protesting persons should not be fired as they will create more problem when let out, it is good to work him. (As this really happened when MGR was expelled from DMK in 1972) The lighter side was by Nagesh who always have difference of opinion with his wife.

His solo song “Buddhan, Yesu, Gandhi piranthathu” was thought provoking and the duet songs are as usual.

Tamil Blog Update

March 11, 2007

Tamil Blog updated please click here