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MGR in Kadambathur

August 13, 2007

On Official matter I went to Kadambathur there was only two theatres showing Ajith Kumar’s new movie Kireedom and MGR movie “Ragasiya Police 115” MGR movie was running in Kadambathur Kannan Theatre which is near the Railway station. The picture below encircled in Red is MGR movie poster “Ragasiya Police 115”


Records of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban

July 27, 2007

These paper cuttings are provided by Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal Trust, Chennai. (From Old paper pardon for the poor quality)

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was slated to be released in May 1st 1973, the above advertisement shows the fact. The ad has the names not only MGR alone he has given the credit of others also
Dialogue writer Sornam
Music Viswanathan
Lyrics by Kannadasan, Vali and Pulamaipithan,
Camera work by Ramamurthy,
Sets by Angamuthu,
Stunt by Shyam Sundar,
Photos by Nagaraj Rao,
Studio – Sathya Studio,
Editing by Umanath.
Direction MGR

Note there is no mention of Theatres.

The Second Ad shows the release date as 11th May 1973 and the theatres for Chennai city Devi Paradise, Agasthiya and Uma.

When you zoom the picture you can the see the various locations of the movie in the rail MGR holds.

To be continued


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Enjoy MGR Fans.

MGR One in One Thousand

July 25, 2007

Padmini Pictures Ayirathil Oruvan was released in 1965. Jayalalitha as MGR’s heroine. Due to the huge response by the crowd this pair continued to act together for nearly 27 films.

Ayirathil Oruvan was a 100 days film depicting the life of Slaves and atrocities of the Dictator. And how MGR acted as a Doctor liberates his motherland.
This movie was released again two months back in Chennai City. Though the print was not good the cinema halls were crowded.

Pictures below represents the participation of MGR Fans in several Theatres in Chennai city.

The film distributors had erected captivating cut outs and digital banners and spent lavishly in film advertisement, daily big sized ad was placed in Daily Thanthi which I had uploaded in my previous blog.
Images represents the participation of MGR fans in several theatres in Chennai City. Captivating cut outs and Banners are kept by the film distributors.
Not only MGR fans kept various Banners and garlanded them, Actor Sathayaraj has kept a banner to MGR in Kamala Theatre.

Some of the celebrations of Fans when MGR appears in the Song “Yen endra Kelvi”

Note the Fans hands.
Fans rushing to the screen to touch MGR image.

Images courtesy by Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal Trust, Chennai – Yukesh Babu and Sathya.

An Ad

June 11, 2007

This is an ad placed by MGR film distributor in Tamil Daily.


May 21, 2007

Songs of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban

The movie Ulagam Sutrum Valiban has 10 songs
(1) Intha Vetriyai Naalai
(2) Lily Malaruku Kondatam
(3) Sirithu Vazha vendum
(4) Nilavu Oru Pennagi
(5) Thanga Thoni Ela
(6) Pachai Kili Muthu charam
(7) Bansaiyi
(8) Aval Oru Navarasa
(9) Ulagam Azhagu kalai
(10) Ulagam Sutrum Valibanodu

First song is the title song, 2nd song is the first duet song of the movie, (for our thought Lily (Latha) is the Secretary name the song goes in her name but Vimala (Manjula) is the character sings) the first half of the song are shot in Kashmir and not in foreign though appears to be foreign location. In the cup and saucer scene MGR lips doest not move but the song goes on, may be the negative was spoiled. 3rd song a typical MGR song shot in foreign location and match scenes those of close ups of MGR taken in Sathya Studio. 4th song another duet song, were some scenes are retaken in Sathya Studio, in this MGR and Manjula dances and MGR sings were there was only BGM, again the negative was opened. No other option but to add the frames. Here is a clip from “Nilavu Oru Pennagi”

5th Song “Thanga” is not a song from Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, it was a song composed for periodical movie “Inaientha Kaigal” the story line happens in Iran. When MGR proposed to shoot the film in Iran, the then Iran Government did not accept and the project was dropped. MGR fans should thank Iran because if they have given permission for shooting, MGR might have not gone for Ulagam Sutrum Valiban project. Despite the song is for periodical one the song perfectly suits to Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, shot entirely in Hong Kong waters. This was near to Hong Kong Airport, planes land every 5 to 10 minutes which MGR utilised in filming the song.

6th Song “Pachai kili Muthucharam” with Mehta Rungroth was a delight to MGR fans, they often asks once more in theatres. MGR looks so charming, young and energetic with usual colorful costumes, with traditional Thai dress. Some scenes were added in Studio with double of Mehta.

7th Song was shot entirely in Tokyo and in sub urb. The heroine wears traditional Japanese costumes. The scene goes with dolphin circus and sceneries.

8th Song with only duet with Lily (Latha) Water Ballad never seen before in Tamil Film was shot entirely in Glass tank constructed in Sathya Studio. And editing the visuals of water ballad performed by Japanese artists.

9th Song which comes before the climax and entirely shot in Expo 70, showcasing most of the pavilions in Expo 70. Half of the song was taken in Day time and half of the song for scenic Night time. The song still haunts in my memory. The song should have be taken in one month time, were MGR uses different costumes and for both characters. Camera work is note worthy.

10th song though present in the Collection was not filmed.

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban Story Part II

May 11, 2007

Rathna (Chandrakala) who is a dancer works in a Hotel, she refuses to dance and MGR has to save the damsel in distress and settle with Justin the Boss of the Hotel. Nagesh once again helps to get the pendant to MGR by his kleptomaniac behaviour. Inside the pendant is another address pointing to Hong Kong. Rathna becomes her secretary. MGR goes to Hong Kong to grab the time piece given by Scientist MGR to his friend named Mr. Robinson.

MGR’s progress of grabbing the time piece was checked by R.S.Manohar. It was a cinch escapade for MGR. In the time piece is another part of address given as Bangkok Floating market.

A thrilling boat chase in the waters of Bangkok gives a set back to Asokan, were MGR and Nagesh goes to Bangkok floating market in search of Somsai. Mehta Rungroth was introduced as the daughter of Somsai. Mehta falls in love with MGR; he stays the night with Somsai. On the morning Somsai hand over the Little Buddha Statue.

After reaching the famous Dusit Thani Hotel MGR places all three pieces and the full address of the hidden place of the formula revealed. In the mean time MGR has to give a usual talk about sister to Mehta.

Asokan on knowing the address hires a Wrestler enacted beautifully by M.N.Nambiyar. He was first to reach the Buddha Temple. There a Buddhist Monk invites him, and comes to know there is another code to breaking the secret. He threatens the Monk that goes in vain. He disguises himself as the Monk and waits for MGR’s arrival.

MGR reaches the temple and breaks the code the four Japanese letters Toshika, Kimoko, Mikayo and Himono. MGR finds the briefcase containing the formula. Nambiyar show who he is and fights with MGR. The magnificent fight ends in MGR’s favour and he saves the Monk and put the formula briefcase in safe custody.

By this time Asokan takes the Scientist MGR to Kamakura Buddha temple, there MGR after seeing the statue of the Light of Asia gets the needed shock treatment and becomes normal. On knowing the failure of Nambiyar, Asokan uses another plan by trying to cure MGR by molesting his lover in front of him. But that turns to a comical fight. After this scene MGR tells about himself to Manjula and Latha helps them to escape.

On trying to pass this message to MGR she gets trapped to Asokan who tries to use her to nab the brothers and the formula.

On trying to pass this message to MGR she gets trapped to Asokan who tries to use her to nab the brothers and the formula.

As per the conversation MGR reaches Ginza Street there Latha escapes from the grip of Asokan and passes the message to meet his brother in Expo 70.

The movie reaches top gear in Expo 70 pavilions. A song, comedy and site seeing Expo 70 ends and MGR comes to know about his brother who was again captured and sent into torture chamber.

The climax takes place in a Hotel, were he fights a dozen thugs by skating. And finally MGR outwits Asokan and the doctor, and saves his brother. In the End MGR was seen with Latha and Chandrakala boarding a plane to continue the World Tour. The credits end with “Kizhuapricavil Raju” (Raju in East Africa) a sequel to this movie.

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban Story Part I

May 5, 2007

After the Mega hit movie “Adimai Pen” MGR went into making a fast paced action movie, it turned into “Ulagam Sutrum Tamilian” renamed as “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” later. Initial stage of shooting of “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” started in 1970. The first shot of the film was the last scenes of the movie and the scenes are from Expo 1970.

The story is simple plot of saving the World from a Mad Scientist. MGR dons dual role as usual in MGR Pictures banner. The characters are Interpol Officer and Scientist both characters are brothers as usual.

Scientist MGR discovers that the power produced by the lighting can be saved and be utilised into harmonious way. But at the same time if released the power is equivalent to a dozen nuclear bombs. He reveals the fact in the Scientist convention and demonstrates it unwillingly and after the demo MGR set fires to his research papers in front of the entire Scientist. Bairavan (Asokan) gets greedy and want to use MGR’s discovery. But MGR turns down the offer, Bairavan plans to steal the formula he attempts to shoot MGR with a peculiar gun that will change the mind of MGR and that he will tell the formula to him. MGR takes a break with his Lover (Manjula) and finally he was shot with gun and looses his sense.
Special Officer Raju (MGR) investigates the death of Scientist MGR. First he gets in touch with Lily (Latha) none other than the Secretary of Scientist MGR which leads to a fight with R.S.Manohar one of the Hench men of Asokan. With help of Lily MGR traces his Sister in law and came to know that his brother was not dead and was in the custody of Asokan through the Kleptomania waiter Nagesh who accompanies him in the ordeal and in the same time Manjula was kidnapped by Asokan. MGR gets the evidence of the kidnapping and gets some clues from the photo of her Sister-in-laws friend Rathna (Chandrakala) and the Secret Diary of Murugan. In Diary the secret place of the formula is mentioned as the Pendant he had given to his Lover as Wed lock. But Manjula has given the gift to her close friend Rathna. MGR goes in search of Rathna.

To be continued….

Bad Remix

April 15, 2007

Tamil Years Day I got some spare time to work with remixes. So I decided to go through some MGR songs and one son “Nan Yar” from Kudieruntha Koil was very close to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” song. MGR giving serious or angry look is very rare; he always gives a cool smile even in fighting scenes.

In this song he has serious look which suited the Bad song. I tried my level best to bring the Intro, prelude and end into one but unfortunately there was missing in continuity. Please pardon me this is my first big song. And I pray to MGR who is a good editor to forgive me what I had done to one of nice song.

Yet another Remix a long one!

April 10, 2007

I have an ambition to produce a movie starring MGR with help of Computers. Way back in 1999 the Hindu gave an article of Pentafour a software company planned to develop a Computer Generated MGR and Raj Kapoor. They went into an extent of MGR’s teeth nature. But so far there is no news about the movie.

With a PC config of 2.6 GHz it is not possible for me to create a high end film, but I can satisfy myself with remixing the song. If you watched this blog regularly there are some remixes. This one remix I used a little bit of editing knowledge to sync the lip movement of the children in the song with Michael Jackson’s “They don’t really care about us”.

It took me 3 hours to edit this 48 seconds video clip which I cannot go beyond this level due to space constraints and upload problem. And as usual please forgive me for the film clip quality.

Another Remix Song of MGR

April 6, 2007

As I got some spare time, I did a remix with my favourite film “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” with Michael Jackson song, though the Video clip was 28 seconds and some title effects and sound effects it came to 3 MB file size, as I am having dial up it will take 45 minutes to upload the video, so I minimized the frame size and the usual WMV format to dial up, this came to 900 KB which was easier to upload. Sorry for the poor quality of the movie clip. Enjoy and comment. (Your comments make me to work hard)

I went through Google analytics and found that most of my Blog viewers i.e. 96 % are using broad band so they won’t find any difficulty in downloading and watching the movie clip.