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MGR Memorial House

January 17, 2008

MGR Devotees are giving free food and note books to School going Children on 20.01.2008 in Chennai. This is the notice placed by them.

MGR memorial house is situated at Arcot Road T.Nagar. This is the Entrance – MGR Memorial house. The wooden Door is nicely carved with exquisite design. The entrance big enough for a car to pass through.

MGR’s Ambassador Car TMX 4777 adores in the middle of the Hall surrounded by Trophies, Shields, Gifts, painting and photos. A small T.V. is seen inside the car. Due to lot of usage the paint is worn out.

The First floor is housed with MGR exercise equipments and is day to day dress such a simple white shirt and a dhoti, his shoes, his slippers, razor, scissors etc. The other cloth is the dress he attired in receiving the Doctorate award.

Adjacent to this room is visitors room and near is the Main Office Room. Where MGR usually sits and hear the grievances. Bharath Award he received for acting in Rickshawkaran in 1971, his father Gopalan photo and his mentor Anna Durai. Big plastic Two leaves is also seen in the desktop of MGR, some files are also seen on the table. And the most coveted Fur Cap remains on the desktop.

MGR Office Room

MGR’s Assistant Mr.MGR Muthu enacted how MGR when comes inside this room how he removes his Fur cap and place it upside down (not in the picture) I purchased some books written by MGR Muthu. I saw lot of kids with their parents visiting this place this shows how much they Love MGR. MGR is cherished forever in their lives.