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When I saw God (MGR)

May 17, 2009
This same day 25 years back I saw MGR in person for the First and Last time in my life. Below is the extract from the post I have already written in 2006 January.

“In my previous blog I have mentioned about the fans activities on seeing MGR on Silver Screen. Imagine what will have happen if they had a chance to see him in person. I have heard many accounts about people meeting MGR, and aftermath. What most of them said on the instant of seeing him is this. 1. When he/she sees MGR they raise their hands as a gesture of welcoming him. 2. They forget all their problems, and also they forget where they are. 3. Some kind of force field works on them, which makes them to move closer to MGR. 4. The eagerness to touch him arises. 5. And finally their happiest moment in their life. All the above facts resemble something Godly. Most of them reading this blog could say that all the fans or followers in the World will behave like that. Okay, but what about others? Who are not his fans and they dislike MGR? What happens when they meet? As a rule the above fact should not happen right? No you are wrong the above thing happened to them also. From my experience I came to know what all they say about MGR is true. Even who disliked him say that MGR is like this and that and when their eyes falls on MGR they turn and behave like his followers and when MGR disappears from their view they become normal and start to say that he is like this and that again”.

Click to here to read my experience with MGR.

Rare Images of MGR

February 9, 2009

Screen shot for the movie Rajakumari

This image is the screen test for MGR for the movie “Rajakumari” his first Hero acted movie which was released in 1947.


A photo from the movie “Sri Murugan” the movie gave fame for MGR for his Siva Thandavam. After MGR became the Chief Minister he searched for the print. The original negative and positive were lost in a fire accident. What is left in the movie is the photos only. Look closely you can see the catwalk and focus light. MGR dances with Malathi.


The Indian Government in end of 1950s increased the tax on import of raw film which all the members of Cinema Industry protested. This was the protest done under the Leadership of MGR by the South Indian Actors Association. In the foreground from left to right is S.S.Rajendran, MGR and Gemini Ganesan, background the speaker is Sivaji Ganesan.


In 1958 MGR when acting in a drama in Sirghazi met with an accident. This is very rare image, look how bulky MGR looks after the accident. To the right of MGR is B.R.S. MGR’s family doctor and to his left is Thirupathisamy.


This is from outdoor shooting of Padagotti. Near to MGR is Director of the movie Prakash Rao.


This image is from the song book of the movie. In those days the production company also comes out with the song book. This one is from Saravana films.


This is the disguise MGR used in the movie Padagotti. Resembles Periyar in this get up.


Enga Veetu Pillai was a mega hit movie of MGR. The victory function was celebrated in most of the theatres. This was taken during MGR, Saroja Devi and Rathna’s visit to Royal theatre.


This is from the song book of Enga Veetu Pillai. We have most of the song books released by various Production houses but we don’t have MGR Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. The song book was released in the shape of Earth. Those who have it please forward the image.


AVM’s Anbay Vaa was shot mostly in Simla and some scenes in Tamil Nadu Hill station. This photo is the shot for MGR to rescue T.R.Ramachandran from a wild horse. Look behind MGR lots of people watching the shooting.


This is the outdoor scene for the movie Rickshawkaran. The rickshaw race was shot in and around Anna Nagar. It was hot and humid Madras and the crowd was uncontrollable. My father was in the crowd too (not in this photo).


MGR with a Japanese child taken in Expo 70, Osaka. V.N.Janaki accompanied MGR with other actors for the movie Emgeeyar Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban.


Asokan’s Amalraj pictures produced “Netru Indru Nallai”. This was during the pooja of the movie. Extreme right Asokan, P.Neelakandan the director, the person next to MGR is not known . Anybody knowing him please forward the name of the person.


This photo was taken during the release of Pallandu Vazhga in Srilanka Raja Theatre. This photo is specially forwarded to MGR Fans by David from France.


This photo is taken during the rehearsal of a song.


MGR and NTR, the two Chief Ministers from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh respectively. Taken during a Telugu film. Look closely both are sweating and MGR’s shirt is sticking to his body. Year of the photo unknown.


MGR being taken from the plane and rushed to Down State Medical centre in Brooklyn. Only person I can name was Palani G.Periyasamy. Who paid $10,000 to admit MGR in that hospital.


This photo is taken during a Government function. Where Chief Minister MGR stretches a bow.


Last year this 50 feet banner was kept in centre of Chennai. MGR head joined over Keanu Reeves body from the movie matrix.

Images are forwarded by B.S.Raju, Editor Urimai Kural, David from France, Venkatesan – Hardware Merchant, MGR Devotees Sathya and Yukesh Babu.

Animated movies

January 3, 2009

This from the website

Seeing the caption above, are you wondering how can Late MGR compete with Rajnikanth? Then here it is, the animated avatars of MGR and Rajnikanth are competing with each other.

It is already known that Rajnikanth‘s daughter, Soundarya, has embarked on an animated film “Sultan” which has animated Rajnikanth as the hero. The role has indeed been given voice by the Superstar himself. Freshly, there is an attempt by Mayabimban Media Pvt Ltd, a animation studio based in Chennai, to bring on screen the animated version of Late MGR in a animation movie named “Puratchithalaivan”.

There is considerable buzz surrounding these two films in Kollywood as both of them have Superstars, one of the bygone era and another the current one. Who shall win? Let us hope both to do equally well.

And the same in Tamil website. Click to read.

Nadodi Mannan Special Edition Released

September 27, 2008

Finally after one month delay the 50th Year of Nadodi Mannan special edition book released yesterday. This is the real dedication by MGR Fan B.S.Raju. Nobody had the idea to release the book on the 50th year only B.S.Raj had done it to the love and respect for MGR.

The book contains rare pictures such as behind the scenes, Victory functions held in Madurai were MGR in the Chariot surrounded by 5 lakh people, cut outs in Paragon theatre, MGR entering the dais, getting awards, speaking to his fans, 14th day Ad, MGR in Nadodi Mannan make up, MGR with 5 ½ feet Silver Cup presented by the artist who participated in Nadodi Mannan movie (Now you can see this cup in MGR Memorial House, T.Nagar, Chennai)

Click to enlarge

The news such as the function held in Madurai Thamukam grounds. Base of Nadodi Mannan by MGR, M.G.Chakrapani view on initial and final stages of Nadodi Mannan, praising words of Politicians from his Mentor Annadurai, Ramakrishna Hegde to the President of India, professionals from various fields and artists from Nadodi Mannan, including Banumathy, Sarojadevi, M.N.Nambiyar, P.S.Veerappa, Ramsingh, Kannadasan, G.K.Ramu (Cameraman) S.M.Subbiah Naidu (Music Director) rare news from Vellithirai Magazine, (1958) MGR and press meet in 21.5.1958. The records from first release (1958) and the subsequent releases from 1988 to 2007.

A word about this book and why was it delayed. In the third week of July B.S.Raju told me that he had done the preliminary work for the 50th year of Nadodi Mannan and the book will be released on 22nd of August 2008. Before the book went into print, B.S.Raju’s wife Vijayalakshmi was hospitalized. He tried his best but after 13 days she reached the lotus feet of God. On the final stage of the book all MGR Devotees and Fans came forward and stood behind him and gave the support. I have to thank Mr.K.P.Ramesh who called from Dubai consoled him and gave his best support for the release of this Book through his brother K.P.Suresh.

A book for 50 year Old film is remarkable feet. To my knowledge no book has been released for a 50 year old film and 50 year old movie Nadodi Mannan is still running successfully. We have to thank B.S.Raju for his Endeavour and successful finish of Nadodi Mannan special edition in midst of hurdles he faced, I feel that MGR spirit has helped B.S.Raju and that I also feel that MGR spirit will bless him.

Persons who like to buy this book can email B.S.Raju, email Id: The cost of the book is Indian Rupees 20/-

This is for my friends Siva, Murugan Dharamalingam and Tamilan, who contacted me in mail and mobile about the Loyola College “Karathu kanipu”.

This is from “Dinakaran” Chennai edition.

Click to read

This is from Dinamalar, Chennai Edition.

Click to read

The most liked Tamil Actor is MGR with 21.3% and their most liked film is Nadodi Mannan. MGR has left the Cinema World 31 years back, and he left the World 21 years back but still people love MGR and gave him No.1 spot.

Re-release Ayirathil Oruvan Pandian theatre

August 3, 2008

Ayirathil Oruvan movie was re-released in Pandian Theatre. June third to July first week there was no re-release of MGR Movies. Due to the reason there was large number of MGR fans and devotees thronged Pandian theatre.

The nearest theatre was screening Rajni’s Kuselan. Response is higher when compared to Kuselan. And Kalaingar Karunanidhi movie Uliyin oosai was noon show and Ayirathil Oruvan 3 shows.

The excitement of MGR Fans were overwhelming. MGR pothunala mandram also placed placards and decorated with MGR photos. It looked like a festival. ADMK flag were hoisted around the theatre.

The show was houseful, the crowd was so ecstatic, theatre management was over looking the Devotees respect to MGR by placing candles and lighting of camphor. The screen looked a temple. Their God was MGR.

The capacity of the theatre is 1025 and the ticket rate are Rs.7, Rs.10 and Rs.12. Ticket price is cheapest in Pandian theatre.

Watch the fans excitement, before that you cannot going to hear any film sound only the claps and merriment of MGR fans and Devotees.

Click now:

Watch the line

Many fans were enquiring us about the release of Ulagam Sutrum valiban and the 50th year of Nadodi Mannan.

To be continued.

MGR and Leo Tolstoy

August 1, 2008

I received a mail from Madam Radha and she wanted to know about the details of MGR movie “Panakari” based on Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina.” I searched my entire collection, and called all my friends and Jr.MGR Pradeep. And found out that the movie “Panakari” was released in the year 1953 and MGR acted as anti hero. T.R.Rajakumari was the heroin. I found 4 images of this movie and all came from MGR Story and MGR Ninaivugal both published by Ithayakani Vijayan. I forwarded the images to her and she thanked me.

Madam Radha is of Indian origin and now she is living in the U.S. She searched for MGR movies on the internet and found our Blog and was very happy to see such thriving interest in MGR and his contribution.

She has had the good fortune of having known MGR professionally and has met him a couple of times. On every one of those occasions she was impressed with MGR’s memory to remember people, his attentiveness to everyone who was present, his respect to the artists and his sense of humor.

She is not a MGR Fan but she respect him deeply and consider him as a unique individual who gave a lot to the people he served and entertained.

She mailed me four photos. They were taken in 1979/80.

They offered some sweets with coffee and MadamRadha did not have any, MGR asked her, if she was trying to be careful about what she eats. That is why she is smiling.

I thank Madam Radha for mailing me the photos and sharing her experience with MGR Fans through this Blog.

Blood Brothers

July 25, 2008

On the specified date and specified time MGR devotees of Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal and Ponmanachemmal MGR Bakthargal eagerly waited to meet K.P.Ramesh and his brother K.P.Suresh (we fondly call them Dubai party) due to traffic problem they came 20 minutes late for the function.

After formal introduction we started to discuss about each other profession and their aim. Then we shared the MGR experience for 3 ½ hours.

K.P.Ramesh told an idea about uniting various MGR mandrams under one head. A dream I don’t know when that will happen.

The weather was so humid we were constantly sweating and we told this to Dubai party but K.P.Ramesh told that this weather is lot better than Dubai.

B.S.Raj Editor of Urimai Kural gave some insights into MGR film records and rare books. Murali of Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal showed us various rare images from MGR movies and as well as from political life. K.P.Ramesh choosed 4 images for his personal record.

We refreshed and found that time was so swift and K.P.Ramesh and his brother has to rush to get on their schedule.

The meeting went on till 3 p.m. When I was writing this post I just looked again at the images and the persons I have met this Sunday. Who are they? What is the relation between us? And Why did I wanted to meet them?

Most of us are from Chennai and around Chennai. K.P.Suresh from U.S., K.P.Ramesh from Dubai we are in unison by the name of MGR. what is the relation? Rathathin Rathamana Udanpirapu (Blood brothers) like MGR mentions in his speech after his accident in 1967. We felt we are one and our Wishes, Dreams, Leader, Mentor, God and whatever under the sky is MGR.

MGR and Big B

July 7, 2008

This is from the interview of Amitabh Bachchan to Times of India. It was published in Chennai Times on April 27th 2008. His fans fondly call him Big B. One of the Box Office Emperor in Hindi movies.

One of the fight scene involved in the movie “Coolie” Amitabh Bachchan has to fight with Puneet Issar (the one who acted as Duryodhan in Mahabaratha TV serial) during shooting a table got stabbed in his stomach area but Bachchan did not worried about that but later it became complicated and he was in near to death, all these happened in 1982. He survived and came back to acting within few months.

Amitabh Bachchan remembered it in that interview this is what he said to Rinku Gupta.

“I have worked with a lot of production houses like Gemini, AVM and others. The Southern Actors like MGR, Sivaji, Gemini Ganesan, Jayalalitha and others always treated me with great respect and love. I was very humbled when MGR undertook a difficult penance in a temple for my good health, when I had a major accident in 1982. He was a great personality.”

Chief Minister MGR, Ambitabh Bachchan, Shabana Azmi in Filmfare award function in 1978.

MGR movies such as “Malai Kallan” and “Enga Veetu Pillai” were remade to Hindi. But MGR has acted only one movie in Hindi “Ek Tha Raja” and Amitabh’s one movie remade to Tamil and MGR acted in it the name is “Sirithu Vazha Vendum” (Janjeer).

For information: Big B is also writing a Blog

Filmfare award image provided by Ithayakani Vijayan.

Nadodi Mannan and Adimai Penn

June 27, 2008

MGR Pictures two movies “Nadodi Mannan” and “Adimai Penn” were re-released in Chennai and other cities from July 2006 and October 2007 respectively. I have updated news already in my previous posts.

“Nadodi Mannan” reached second successful week in Coimbatore Royal below is the ad given in the Daily Thanthi Coimbatore edition. Other theatres are Nanjundeswara – Mettupalayam, Erode – Sangeetha and Tirupur – M.P.S. theater.

Also note the theme used for the ad is same followed by Divya films which released these two movies in Chennai and sub urbs. The movie was released through Raj Ganesh Films, Madurai.

Over whelming support continues to Adimai Penn also, the collection came to nearly 1 lakh the same movie was released in Natraj just 2 months gap (which I given in my previous post also).

The videos follows soon. Thanks to Yukesh Babu who forwarded the images.

Swashbuckling MGR

June 6, 2008


Watch the embedded video. I have edited the three main fights of MGR movie Ayirathil Oruvan. Two fights with Nambiyar and the climax fight with Manohar. MGR and his opponents have used different type of swords.

In the first fight the sword (same type seen in MGR memorial) used is thin blade having complex hilt (guard) which protects the hand including the little finger. Knife in one hand and sword in another watch the action of MGR, he is very fast even in slow motion this fight with Nambiyar appeared to be in normal speed.

The second fight is on the beach both having heavy blade, for Nambiyar the guard (between the blade and the grip) is rounded and fully protects his hand but for MGR the guard is cross shaped one sided less protection for his hand. Both the swords are double edged (Roman type) the fight is little slower compared to the earlier fight because the blade is heavy and the environment is slippery. Watch MGR’s cool comment.

The climax fight is between MGR and R.S.Manohar, some of the shots are taken in outdoor and more important shots filmed in Studio. The sword type is fencing swords which is flexible, both of them are very fast, and MGR performs more style. Watch the leg movement typical fencing style, MGR thrusts his leg forward and lands over Manohar’s right shoe and nails his movement for a second and pushes him quickly to the floor. Inside the ship, when Manohar thrust his sword, the blade is different the sword appears to be less flexible. And the next frame it turns to fencing sword again. Watch the body movement of MGR, he takes 360 degree turn and immediately 180 degree turn, when I tried to turn like that, I felt dizzy but no such feeling for MGR he goes on fighting, single shot! MGR is legendary Action Hero and the greatest swordsman in Indian film.