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Sister in Law 2

February 19, 2007

The most loved pair of MGR Fans is none other than Jayalalitha (now lovingly called by her Party members as “Amma”) She first acted with him in the movie named “Ayirathil Oruvan” (One in One thousand) due to the success the pair continued from 1965 to 1973. Aggregating to 28 out of this in “Arasa Kattalai” (Kings Order) both Saroja Devi and Jayalalitha acted together. In the climax Saroja Devi dies and MGR marries Jayalalitha. But the real climax was MGR saves Saroja Devi and Jayalalitha chooses to be a Nun (Why they changed the climax?)

Jayalalitha was given prominent character which is equal to the Hero role. Domination of Jayalalitha in MGR movie is high when compared to other Heroines. She got individuals songs to show her talent in dancing, her dress sense and style. She was given a bigger role of teaching MGR all kind of martial arts in “Adimai Penn” (Slave Girl – for further reference click this which MGR fan can’t digest, but the fans were convinced in the film. In most of MGR-Jayalalitha starrer films in a song or in a dialogue, she mentions that MGR is born for her, which is notable.

After 1972 when MGR expelled from DMK, the pair also parted, the last movie they acted “Pattikattu Ponnaiah” she has the merit of acting with MGR in his 100th film and 2 Silver Jubilee films Oli Vilakku and Adimai Penn. Though she was cast as First Heroine in “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” (World Trotting Youth) that role was given to Actress Manjula later.

In 1972 there were gossip columns in Newspapers that MGR married her in Nepal, but was turned as a rumour.

After MGR became Chief Minister for the second time he gave Jayalalitha a post in his party. There she gained importance and after his death she became the party Leader overcoming some difficulty.

The first MGR tomb was erected in Karunanidhi’s period designed like an umbrella but it looked like a mushroom in directly meaning MGR not worthy. When Jayalalitha came to Power in 1991 she reconstructed the Tomb in the form of Lotus and paid respect to her Mentor and Guide.

The first tomb was constructed by a contractor named B.L.Srinivasan and he is the same contractor who again given Tender to demolish the Tomb. How I know it? Because I worked as Typist in the Public Works Department, the work was carried out by Buildings Sub Division I of Buildings Division II. I also had the chance to talk with the Contractor he was a nice gentleman.



February 16, 2007

MGR acted in 134 films (2 films after his death) and he co stared with many actress but MGR fans most loved pairs are Saroja Devi, Jayalalitha and Lath. MGR Fans admire these 3 actresses, so much and they call them lovingly as Sister-in-laws.

Saroja Devi was called Elder Sister-in-law (Periya Anni) MGR first paired with Saroja Devi in the movie “Thirudathae” (Don’t Steal) as she was a new face to Tamil movie. Her mother tongue is Kannada. She was also called as “Abinaya Saraswathi” and “Kannada Paingkili”. The shooting of “Thirudathae” was postponed and eventfully MGR’s block buster movie “Nadodi Mannan” (Wander and King) released. That gave her immediate Stardom status.

This pair continued for a decade until Saroja Devi got married with Mr.Harsha. MGR and Saroja Devi acted as Hero and Heroine in 26 films and out of these “Nadodi Mannan” and “Enga Veetu Pillai” were Silver Jubilee films. One flop film (only flop film for MGR) “Pasam” (Love)

When MGR was shot in January 12th 1967 by his fellow actor M.R.Radha, some of his films were dropped, some films were rechristened and some of the film heroines were changed one of these was “Ragasiya Police 115”, earlier Saroja Devi was in the role of Heroine but after the accident Jayalalitha donned the role.

One peculiar thing is that all of MGR most loved pairs showed their skin to the camera but not Saroja Devi, her character as well as the costumes is immaculate, that gave her homely appearance.

Whenever she was interviewed she says her God is MGR and she has two sad incidents in her life that were the death of her Husband and death of MGR. She never forgets MGR.

False Prophecy of an Editor

February 11, 2007

A Comedy of 1977.

Those who know Tamil please click this link.

How fast (H) is fast

February 9, 2007

It was first week of November 1984, (nearly a month MGR fell sick and he was in very critical state). My mother asked me to accompany her to Siva Temple near my home. I went with her without knowing what for? The priest before starting the Prayer asked the name of the person to whom the prayer has to be done. My mother with glistened eyes said “MGR”. I looked at her oddly. Why? What for? What MGR has done to my family? Did he support my family in any dire circumstances, or giving out money to us? NO.

Why ordinary people like my mother who having no involvement neither in Politics nor an ADMK party member prayed for his health? The reason MGR had fulfilled the basic needs of people living in Arumbakkam. By how, the answer goes back to 1981-1982 period. There was shortage of drinking water in our area. The Arumbakkam village comes under the Anna Nagar Assembly constituency (The MLA was none other than Mr.M.Karunanidhi – now the Chief Minister) To fetch drinking water we have to carry two pots and travel nearly 4 kilometers for potable water. We have sent letters requesting the MLA of our constituency for providing drinking water facility. But nothing was done.

Someone suggested taking this matter to the direct attention of the Chief Minister MGR – who always respects women. And my mother wrote a letter describing the difficulties the women of Arumbakkam are facing. She signed the letter followed by other women and elders. The letter was delivered as usually to him.

Within two weeks Metro water department personals came and put up delivery line and another week or so water was gushing out from the tap.

Even the constituency is held by his rival DMK party MGR never let down the people. He responded immediately to the needy, downtrodden and especially the women of Tamilnadu. MGR always ready in carrying the burden of the Poor.

Michael Jackson Sings for MGR

February 3, 2007

Although I posted a remix of “Beat It” earlier, this video is more apt. Just CVP – Click, View, Post – Enjoy and post your comment.

Photos II

February 1, 2007

This is the Photo I have mentioned in my earlier blog (The Pendant and Bracelet)
For further reference for MGR click this


January 31, 2007

From 1950’s to 1980’s Tamil, Telugu and Kannada film world was ruled by five members. For Telugu it is N.T.R. (N.T.Ramarao) and Nageswara Rao, in Kannada it was by Rajkumar (Dr.Rajkumar for Kannadiga) and for Tamil M.G.R. and Sivaji.

Despite the fact that India is divided into language based states, Tamil people live in large not only Tamilnadu but in other States also. There was always Kaveri River dispute between the States of Tamilnadu and Karnataka but the people of Karnataka (Kannadiga) love MGR films. Even now MGR films released in Bangalore runs with packed houses.

MGR showered love to all his fellow actors, here are two pictures showing his respect and love to N.T.R. and Rajkumar. N.T.Ramarao has mentioned that his Brother (MGR) is his mentor for his political activity.

After 1972, MGR movies were shot in studios and locations mostly in Mysore and Bangalore.

Lord Murugan

January 25, 2007

Lord Murugan
Chinnappa Devar, Producer as well as Close Friend of MGR requested to don the role as Murugan (Tamil God) for a song to satisfy his wish, MGR put on the costume (it is rarity though he was in the Dravidian Movement opposed to superstitious beliefs and presence of God – Only Hindu God!) But MGR satisfied his Friends wish.

Secret of Success

January 22, 2007

Prominent persons say that MGR always succeeded in whatever venture he went to. When he entered as an Actor he was successful in the Box Office. When he produced, the Films were successful – sumptuous sets and costumes are well remembered. When he Directed movies he was far superior to others, the theme of the film, the portrayal, the camera angle, the editing, the fights etc., when he entered Politics he was the Champion, undefeated!

In one instance MGR’s Mentor “Anna Durai” quoted that whatever field my brother (MGR) enters he will succeed, because MGR has mammoth Will Power and his endeavour to triumph.

Sun-Tzu wrote:-

One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements.

One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes be victorious, sometimes meet with defeat.

One who know neither the enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement.

Putting in a Nut shell what is the secret of MGR’s success, he knows himself and he knows his enemies.
The song in his movie “Vettaikaran” (Hunter)

“உன்னை அறிந்தால் நீ உன்னை அறிந்தால்
உலகத்தில் போராடலாம்
உயர்ந்தாலும் தாழ்ந்தாலும்
தலை வணங்காமல் நீ வாழலாம்”

Know Yourself Know yourself,
So that you will strive in the World,
You can be high or low in position,
But you don’t have to bow out in Life.
(Pardon for my Translation)

Your comments are valuable for me.


January 17, 2007

Today 17.1.2007 is MGR’s 90th Birthday. As I expected every T.V. Channels in Tamil Nadu broadcasted MGR acted movies and shows. For the MGR fans they followed there protocol by putting a temporary shed and placing MGR photo and garlanding.

From my home to Office is 4.5 kilometers, I have to travel by main road, on my way o counted, there were 7 such temporary sheds broadcasting MGR songs. MGR Idols washed and garlanded. The cycle shop I mentioned in the earlier blog saw a facelift.

But I was astonished when MGR’s opposing parties the D.M.K and the newly formed Vijayakanth party celebrating MGR’s birthday. (Maybe to set eye on MGR Vote bank, beware “Amma”)

Raj T.V. and Jaya T.V. remembered MGR well and I watched some scenes from MGR movie, there were SMS messages sent to MGR’s birthday scrolling in the bottom of that some catchy ones –

“MGR is great Actor”
“MGR – is great”
“I Love MGR”
“MGR is my Lord”
“MGR – beloved God of my family”
“Long live MGR fame”