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Re-release Ninaithathai Mudipavan

December 29, 2009
Sri MGR Year 92, December 28th Tuesday

Oriental Pictures Ninaithathai Mudipavan was released this Friday in Mahalakshmi Theater. The theater was almost full by 6.45 pm.

Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal garlanded all the MGR images. Crackers were busted and traffic was halted for 5 minutes.

Nearby Mahalakshmi is Saravana Theater, they also released MGR movie Adimai Penn. With help of MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu I was able to take some images after the movie have started. This is the fifth consecutive week of MGR movie release in Saravana.

Above images are from Saravana theater.

Here is the video of MGR Fans celebration for the movie Ninaithathai Mudipavan.

Announcement for MGR’s Birthday celebration click here.

Re-release Ninaithathai Mudipavan

April 5, 2009
Oriental Pictures Ninaithathai Mudipavan was re-released by AVM Productions in Natraj this week. As this is election time in India MGR Fans were talking about the coalition between the parties.

The theater was almost full, 3 main MGR images were garlanded followed by firing crackers in the street.

Balcony ticket was only available after 6.15 pm.

Ticket counter.

The songs in this film was nicely tuned, MGR fans asked once more for கண்ணை நம்பாதே and ஒருவர் மீது. First song repeated for three times and second one for two times.