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Re-release Periya Idathu Penn

May 14, 2008

Periya Idathu Penn was re-released in Natraj theater this week. The print was brand new. I went and met Yukesh Babu. He guided to take pictures and paper cuts placed in the theater.

The movie was almost full nearly 800 people watched 6.30 show, capacity of 900. Yukesh Babu gave some introduction about new MGR fans who came to see the movie. Out of this crowd two stand apart.

One man was wearing ordinary shirt and the shirt was fully pinned by MGR images, he fired most of the crackers and Yukesh Babu mentioned that he gave sweets to all the fans who came to see Nadodi Mannan previously.

Another MGR fan (very young) who don’t have any house to dwell no family and working as Porter in Central Station. He is a regular viewer of MGR movies. When Yukesh Babu asked him why he likes to watch MGR movies, he said MGR’s face and his songs gives a positive vibration and a strong feeling to live. Believe it or not he has watched the re-release Adimai Penn 12 shows continuously.

The paper cut of Periya Idathu Penn 100 days advertisement.

This is the image of re-release record of ‘Nam Nadu’ which was released when MGR was the Chief Minister.

Yukesh Babu’s father and one of the ardent MGR fan Mr.Bakthavatchalam expired today, we all pray for his soul to rest in peace.

No Retake

January 14, 2008

Periya Edathu Penn released on 10.5.1963 in this year first time MGR’s nine films were released.

This is a song from ‘Periya Edathu Penn’ and first Cha Cha type dance of MGR. This was done as a test by T.R.Ramanna.

The dance number was very good. Look the clip first.

Now you can see that MGR has missed the beat! WHY?

Andrum Vanthathum etha Nila – MGR pats left shoulder of Saroja Devi continued by Saroja Devi pats MGR’s left shoulder.

The next line

Indrum Vanthathum atha Nila – MGR pats left shoulder and again Saroja Devi pats MGR’s left shoulder.

This is the end of beat.

the next line

Endrum ullathu oru nila – Second camera joins and now MGR tries to pat but he changes that gesture and syncs with Saroja Devi’s dance.

To my knowledge two cameras used and the inter cut was so lovely that taking another shot would be time consuming. And I feel MGR face is little bit swollen and looks sleepless. Maybe that also could be a reason for not going for re take. Any suggestions.