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Minority Report

February 14, 2007

4 Months back I was traveling in a Bus. When the Bus was nearing the Nehru Indoor Stadium all the vehicles were stopped for 20 minutes because the Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi was to be felicitated by the Tamil Film Industry in the Stadium. Inside of the Bus was so humid some people started to oppose such acts done by the VIPs.

Cams motorcade went past us, and then we were allowed to move. I was standing near two Muslims, they were in late 60s and were commenting about this traffic blockades and was describing how when MGR was the Chief Minister this kind of annoyance to public was not done. And further they started to talk in Hindi and I can’t understand most of the words but this was in my memory. “MGR Rajya se ……. zabardast aura kaligner, Amma Rajya ….teak nahi” (MGR’s rule was very good but other is not that much)

In India Muslims are minority but they are targeted by the Politicians for vote sake by participating in their Festivals like opening the Fast in Ramadan month. But MGR was different from others. He never opened the fast as like the others. Despite of this the Muslim community knows that MGR an actor in profession never acted in Politics. They feel MGR is do gooder to their community. One of his Story writers Ravindran is a Muslim and one of his lawyers was also a Muslim.