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February 22, 2007

So far in my Blog I have told how much people loved MGR. In this chapter I am going tell how much one hated MGR. I studied in Higher Secondary School (Government School). In 1958 MGR donated Rs.5,000/- to our School, the donor names are engraved and still you can see it. It was October 31 1984 as usual we had prayers, my Head Master Mr.Sivaji Padmanabasingh asked us to pray for MGR health. We prayed. During the Tamil Class my teacher was Mr.Vasudevan (as every Tamil teacher he liked Mr.Karunanidhi) was taking lessons and he was explaining about a phrase in poem about Goddess. Suddenly he said lot of them is praying for that fellow. His God Moogambigai is she going to see through X ray and going to save him, no chance. And the class laughed to his joke.

Now I think why my Tamil Teacher has so ill felling about MGR? What did MGR personally did to his life? Nothing only thing he does not like MGR is the propaganda of the opposition party that Tamilnadu is ruled by non Tamil.

Long bell rang unusually and we came out of the class my Head Master was nervous that how we are going to reach our home. We were perplexed, long bell means there is no school after this class. We came out of the School everything in the Road was quite, no buses no other vehicles running, I thought MGR was dead. But when I reached home my aunt said Indira Gandhi was shot dead.

Whatever the ill feeling he had, our prayers were answered. There is a song in his movie “Dharmam Thalaikakum” (Dharma saves life) தர்மம் தலைகாக்கும் தக்க சமயத்தில் உயிர் காக்கும்.