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Animated movies

January 3, 2009

This from the website

Seeing the caption above, are you wondering how can Late MGR compete with Rajnikanth? Then here it is, the animated avatars of MGR and Rajnikanth are competing with each other.

It is already known that Rajnikanth‘s daughter, Soundarya, has embarked on an animated film “Sultan” which has animated Rajnikanth as the hero. The role has indeed been given voice by the Superstar himself. Freshly, there is an attempt by Mayabimban Media Pvt Ltd, a animation studio based in Chennai, to bring on screen the animated version of Late MGR in a animation movie named “Puratchithalaivan”.

There is considerable buzz surrounding these two films in Kollywood as both of them have Superstars, one of the bygone era and another the current one. Who shall win? Let us hope both to do equally well.

And the same in Tamil website. Click to read.

Rajni as MGR

July 16, 2007

This was shot in a Mobile cam uploaded by sarav20 in

This is a clip from the film Sivaji acted by Superstar Rajnikanth, hear the fans joy when they see their Hero Rajnikanth in the costume used by MGR in Rickshawkaran. Rajni fans turns ecstatic on seeing Rajni as MGR. What this means?

They are seeing MGR in him because they are once fan of MGR.

Thanks for Sarav for his consent on adding this clip in my Blog.