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Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part VI

May 11, 2008

MGR plans to send Poongodi (Jayalalitha) with Nagesh to Kannitheevu. With that plan running in his mind he enters his hut outside it was cloudy and her mind also, unwelcome by Poongodi (Jayalalitha). MGR washes his hand and understands there is no dinner and not even a glass of water left for him. With a typical MGR smile he goes out to sleep.

Watch the frame background of Jayalalitha is swords and knife in her hand. The next day she takes a stroll over the seashore and over hears the talk between Nagesh and Gundumani. Nagesh gives a plan to take Poongodi (Jayalalitha) to Kannitheevu. Gundumani as usual denies and why he has to take Poongodi because Ramadoss is anxious to take revenge on them. And he continues when a girl comes in the life everything changes our Leader is no exception.

Nagesh counter acts and narrates why Gundumani became unfaithful and how he had forgotten the deed of the Leader, and how MGR has sacrificed his character to safeguard us from the death sentence issued by Nambiyar. Attitude changes not only for Gundumani but also for Poongodi (Jayalalitha).

On that night MGR returns after practice, Jayalalitha welcomes him, ask him to have dinner or atleast to take paisam. MGR says No, that he had already finished the dinner with his friends. When he tries to go out and sleep she acts as a normal Tamil movie heroine and makes him to stay.

Swords and Harp

When this scene goes on the background is worth mentioning, swords on the side of Jayalalitha and Harp on the side of MGR. Can we say that she is expecting favoruable action (Music) from his side but she received only unfavourable result (Swords) the deed she has done earlier. And also MGR points out that her behaviour is different and he feels as he is walking over a sword.

After this scene MGR scratches his cheek and comes to a decision with closing his eyes with his hand (a good body language) the decision to personally take her to Kannitheevu. This is the only romantic scene of the whole movie. This scene lasts for not more than 10 minutes. (Watch simple Bamboo cot for MGR and expensive one for Jayalalitha)

To be continued.