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MGR Fans Report Continues

November 29, 2009
Sri MGR Year 92 November 29th Sunday

The God of the Downtrodden

Kalangarai Vilakam was released recently in Natraj Theater, these images were forwarded by BSRaju.

Black and White or Colour movie MGR Devotees and MGR Fans are always present and make their presence felt by garlanding and lighting camphor.

Count how many lights and how many MGR Fans present in the evening show on Sunday. Pardon for the image quality since it was taken in less light environment.

Report from Coimbatore MGR Fans.

MGR Devotee from Coimbatore Auto Ganesh feels MGR his God and have written in his Autorickshaw MGR Thunai.

Theater image taken by BSRaju for the movie Sirithu Vazha Vendum in Coimbatore Shanmuga.

According to NT Fans Data the flop movie Sangay Muzhangu was released in Coimbatore Delite the same NT Fan proclaimed that these flop movies are not re-released anywhere like MGR’s successful movies. Here are the proof.

That Boy is a Political backing for MGR! according to Ram NT Fan. MGR’s average movies spins money even if it is released now.

Pallandu Vazhga in Shanmuga Coimbatore.

Throwing of Flowers by MGR Devotees for the song Ondre Kulam.

Images are from BSRaju.

MGR Devotee Duraisamy along with Junior MGR Fans Coimbatore. They are born after MGR left this Earth.