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May 8, 2009
Two months back I requested S.Kumar to send the re-release records and the collections, he sent 300 pages of Xerox copies of nearly 110 MGR movies. I am sorting out the huge datas he has provided. It will take another two months to complete. He also sent various photos to publish in our Blog.

This photo is from Tutucorin 15.2.2009 on the 100th week of MGR movie release in Sathya Theatre. The 100th movie of the week was MGR’s 100th movie Oli Vilakku.

These are some of the MGR fans in Madurai. This photo is on 22.2.2009 during the re-release of Vivasahi in Madurai Meenatchi Theater.

Can you tell me how many of them are above 30 years?

This photo is on the felicitation by V.Veerapandi (Madurai Talkies Employee) to S.Kumar on his service to his God (MGR).

And this one MGR Fans Sister-in-law Saroja Devi visited Madurai and she was greeted by MGR Fans and Devotees.

No Retake

January 14, 2008

Periya Edathu Penn released on 10.5.1963 in this year first time MGR’s nine films were released.

This is a song from ‘Periya Edathu Penn’ and first Cha Cha type dance of MGR. This was done as a test by T.R.Ramanna.

The dance number was very good. Look the clip first.

Now you can see that MGR has missed the beat! WHY?

Andrum Vanthathum etha Nila – MGR pats left shoulder of Saroja Devi continued by Saroja Devi pats MGR’s left shoulder.

The next line

Indrum Vanthathum atha Nila – MGR pats left shoulder and again Saroja Devi pats MGR’s left shoulder.

This is the end of beat.

the next line

Endrum ullathu oru nila – Second camera joins and now MGR tries to pat but he changes that gesture and syncs with Saroja Devi’s dance.

To my knowledge two cameras used and the inter cut was so lovely that taking another shot would be time consuming. And I feel MGR face is little bit swollen and looks sleepless. Maybe that also could be a reason for not going for re take. Any suggestions.


February 16, 2007

MGR acted in 134 films (2 films after his death) and he co stared with many actress but MGR fans most loved pairs are Saroja Devi, Jayalalitha and Lath. MGR Fans admire these 3 actresses, so much and they call them lovingly as Sister-in-laws.

Saroja Devi was called Elder Sister-in-law (Periya Anni) MGR first paired with Saroja Devi in the movie “Thirudathae” (Don’t Steal) as she was a new face to Tamil movie. Her mother tongue is Kannada. She was also called as “Abinaya Saraswathi” and “Kannada Paingkili”. The shooting of “Thirudathae” was postponed and eventfully MGR’s block buster movie “Nadodi Mannan” (Wander and King) released. That gave her immediate Stardom status.

This pair continued for a decade until Saroja Devi got married with Mr.Harsha. MGR and Saroja Devi acted as Hero and Heroine in 26 films and out of these “Nadodi Mannan” and “Enga Veetu Pillai” were Silver Jubilee films. One flop film (only flop film for MGR) “Pasam” (Love)

When MGR was shot in January 12th 1967 by his fellow actor M.R.Radha, some of his films were dropped, some films were rechristened and some of the film heroines were changed one of these was “Ragasiya Police 115”, earlier Saroja Devi was in the role of Heroine but after the accident Jayalalitha donned the role.

One peculiar thing is that all of MGR most loved pairs showed their skin to the camera but not Saroja Devi, her character as well as the costumes is immaculate, that gave her homely appearance.

Whenever she was interviewed she says her God is MGR and she has two sad incidents in her life that were the death of her Husband and death of MGR. She never forgets MGR.