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Nadodi Mannan Revisited Part II

September 18, 2007

As usual MGR Devotee Sathya handed me the Albums including Nadodi Mannan the Fans Effect in Sri Brinda Theatre captured by M.K.Venkat. Instead of uploading the pictures with words I want to do something different, then came the idea to make the pictures of MGR’s Nadodi Mannan into a slide show.

I planned to finish the MGR Slide show in two days, but when I started the work I found my PC is infected with spy ware, malware and all ware which I am not aware… and further Ulead 3D studio exe file in the CD was also infected with virus which I cannot reinstall again. I reverted my plan to work with Ulead Video studio version 9 and Photoshop.

After finishing the video part in one and half week the first impression of the slide show was not satisfactory to me. Something was missing I scratched my head and found out a good audio will give the effect of MGR coming in person, portraying him as Super Hero of Tamil Cinema. I searched online and offline for English movie theme music. Of that I selected two music files one from Ben Hur and second Superman the Movie. Both the movie theme was very good for MGR’s Nadodi Mannan Slide show. But Superman movie came very close to the subject of the Slide show. The theme music was composed by John Williams famous for his Star Wars, Superman, Schindler’s List movies. This was done by John Williams in 1978 for Superman the Movie or Superman I.

With lot of video frame adjustments video effects and re doing the video, the run time came to 1 minute 20 seconds previously it was 3 minutes and 50 seconds or 18 MB. What you will see in the video will be 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Note: Turn on the Speaker and view the Slide show without the music my work is not worthy to watch.