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Ulagam Sutrum Valiban Story Part I

May 5, 2007

After the Mega hit movie “Adimai Pen” MGR went into making a fast paced action movie, it turned into “Ulagam Sutrum Tamilian” renamed as “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” later. Initial stage of shooting of “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” started in 1970. The first shot of the film was the last scenes of the movie and the scenes are from Expo 1970.

The story is simple plot of saving the World from a Mad Scientist. MGR dons dual role as usual in MGR Pictures banner. The characters are Interpol Officer and Scientist both characters are brothers as usual.

Scientist MGR discovers that the power produced by the lighting can be saved and be utilised into harmonious way. But at the same time if released the power is equivalent to a dozen nuclear bombs. He reveals the fact in the Scientist convention and demonstrates it unwillingly and after the demo MGR set fires to his research papers in front of the entire Scientist. Bairavan (Asokan) gets greedy and want to use MGR’s discovery. But MGR turns down the offer, Bairavan plans to steal the formula he attempts to shoot MGR with a peculiar gun that will change the mind of MGR and that he will tell the formula to him. MGR takes a break with his Lover (Manjula) and finally he was shot with gun and looses his sense.
Special Officer Raju (MGR) investigates the death of Scientist MGR. First he gets in touch with Lily (Latha) none other than the Secretary of Scientist MGR which leads to a fight with R.S.Manohar one of the Hench men of Asokan. With help of Lily MGR traces his Sister in law and came to know that his brother was not dead and was in the custody of Asokan through the Kleptomania waiter Nagesh who accompanies him in the ordeal and in the same time Manjula was kidnapped by Asokan. MGR gets the evidence of the kidnapping and gets some clues from the photo of her Sister-in-laws friend Rathna (Chandrakala) and the Secret Diary of Murugan. In Diary the secret place of the formula is mentioned as the Pendant he had given to his Lover as Wed lock. But Manjula has given the gift to her close friend Rathna. MGR goes in search of Rathna.

To be continued….