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An Ad

June 11, 2007

This is an ad placed by MGR film distributor in Tamil Daily.

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban Story Part II

May 11, 2007

Rathna (Chandrakala) who is a dancer works in a Hotel, she refuses to dance and MGR has to save the damsel in distress and settle with Justin the Boss of the Hotel. Nagesh once again helps to get the pendant to MGR by his kleptomaniac behaviour. Inside the pendant is another address pointing to Hong Kong. Rathna becomes her secretary. MGR goes to Hong Kong to grab the time piece given by Scientist MGR to his friend named Mr. Robinson.

MGR’s progress of grabbing the time piece was checked by R.S.Manohar. It was a cinch escapade for MGR. In the time piece is another part of address given as Bangkok Floating market.

A thrilling boat chase in the waters of Bangkok gives a set back to Asokan, were MGR and Nagesh goes to Bangkok floating market in search of Somsai. Mehta Rungroth was introduced as the daughter of Somsai. Mehta falls in love with MGR; he stays the night with Somsai. On the morning Somsai hand over the Little Buddha Statue.

After reaching the famous Dusit Thani Hotel MGR places all three pieces and the full address of the hidden place of the formula revealed. In the mean time MGR has to give a usual talk about sister to Mehta.

Asokan on knowing the address hires a Wrestler enacted beautifully by M.N.Nambiyar. He was first to reach the Buddha Temple. There a Buddhist Monk invites him, and comes to know there is another code to breaking the secret. He threatens the Monk that goes in vain. He disguises himself as the Monk and waits for MGR’s arrival.

MGR reaches the temple and breaks the code the four Japanese letters Toshika, Kimoko, Mikayo and Himono. MGR finds the briefcase containing the formula. Nambiyar show who he is and fights with MGR. The magnificent fight ends in MGR’s favour and he saves the Monk and put the formula briefcase in safe custody.

By this time Asokan takes the Scientist MGR to Kamakura Buddha temple, there MGR after seeing the statue of the Light of Asia gets the needed shock treatment and becomes normal. On knowing the failure of Nambiyar, Asokan uses another plan by trying to cure MGR by molesting his lover in front of him. But that turns to a comical fight. After this scene MGR tells about himself to Manjula and Latha helps them to escape.

On trying to pass this message to MGR she gets trapped to Asokan who tries to use her to nab the brothers and the formula.

On trying to pass this message to MGR she gets trapped to Asokan who tries to use her to nab the brothers and the formula.

As per the conversation MGR reaches Ginza Street there Latha escapes from the grip of Asokan and passes the message to meet his brother in Expo 70.

The movie reaches top gear in Expo 70 pavilions. A song, comedy and site seeing Expo 70 ends and MGR comes to know about his brother who was again captured and sent into torture chamber.

The climax takes place in a Hotel, were he fights a dozen thugs by skating. And finally MGR outwits Asokan and the doctor, and saves his brother. In the End MGR was seen with Latha and Chandrakala boarding a plane to continue the World Tour. The credits end with “Kizhuapricavil Raju” (Raju in East Africa) a sequel to this movie.

Yet another Remix a long one!

April 10, 2007

I have an ambition to produce a movie starring MGR with help of Computers. Way back in 1999 the Hindu gave an article of Pentafour a software company planned to develop a Computer Generated MGR and Raj Kapoor. They went into an extent of MGR’s teeth nature. But so far there is no news about the movie.

With a PC config of 2.6 GHz it is not possible for me to create a high end film, but I can satisfy myself with remixing the song. If you watched this blog regularly there are some remixes. This one remix I used a little bit of editing knowledge to sync the lip movement of the children in the song with Michael Jackson’s “They don’t really care about us”.

It took me 3 hours to edit this 48 seconds video clip which I cannot go beyond this level due to space constraints and upload problem. And as usual please forgive me for the film clip quality.

Tamil Blog Update

March 11, 2007

Tamil Blog updated please click here


February 22, 2007

So far in my Blog I have told how much people loved MGR. In this chapter I am going tell how much one hated MGR. I studied in Higher Secondary School (Government School). In 1958 MGR donated Rs.5,000/- to our School, the donor names are engraved and still you can see it. It was October 31 1984 as usual we had prayers, my Head Master Mr.Sivaji Padmanabasingh asked us to pray for MGR health. We prayed. During the Tamil Class my teacher was Mr.Vasudevan (as every Tamil teacher he liked Mr.Karunanidhi) was taking lessons and he was explaining about a phrase in poem about Goddess. Suddenly he said lot of them is praying for that fellow. His God Moogambigai is she going to see through X ray and going to save him, no chance. And the class laughed to his joke.

Now I think why my Tamil Teacher has so ill felling about MGR? What did MGR personally did to his life? Nothing only thing he does not like MGR is the propaganda of the opposition party that Tamilnadu is ruled by non Tamil.

Long bell rang unusually and we came out of the class my Head Master was nervous that how we are going to reach our home. We were perplexed, long bell means there is no school after this class. We came out of the School everything in the Road was quite, no buses no other vehicles running, I thought MGR was dead. But when I reached home my aunt said Indira Gandhi was shot dead.

Whatever the ill feeling he had, our prayers were answered. There is a song in his movie “Dharmam Thalaikakum” (Dharma saves life) தர்மம் தலைகாக்கும் தக்க சமயத்தில் உயிர் காக்கும்.

Sister in Law 2

February 19, 2007

The most loved pair of MGR Fans is none other than Jayalalitha (now lovingly called by her Party members as “Amma”) She first acted with him in the movie named “Ayirathil Oruvan” (One in One thousand) due to the success the pair continued from 1965 to 1973. Aggregating to 28 out of this in “Arasa Kattalai” (Kings Order) both Saroja Devi and Jayalalitha acted together. In the climax Saroja Devi dies and MGR marries Jayalalitha. But the real climax was MGR saves Saroja Devi and Jayalalitha chooses to be a Nun (Why they changed the climax?)

Jayalalitha was given prominent character which is equal to the Hero role. Domination of Jayalalitha in MGR movie is high when compared to other Heroines. She got individuals songs to show her talent in dancing, her dress sense and style. She was given a bigger role of teaching MGR all kind of martial arts in “Adimai Penn” (Slave Girl – for further reference click this which MGR fan can’t digest, but the fans were convinced in the film. In most of MGR-Jayalalitha starrer films in a song or in a dialogue, she mentions that MGR is born for her, which is notable.

After 1972 when MGR expelled from DMK, the pair also parted, the last movie they acted “Pattikattu Ponnaiah” she has the merit of acting with MGR in his 100th film and 2 Silver Jubilee films Oli Vilakku and Adimai Penn. Though she was cast as First Heroine in “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” (World Trotting Youth) that role was given to Actress Manjula later.

In 1972 there were gossip columns in Newspapers that MGR married her in Nepal, but was turned as a rumour.

After MGR became Chief Minister for the second time he gave Jayalalitha a post in his party. There she gained importance and after his death she became the party Leader overcoming some difficulty.

The first MGR tomb was erected in Karunanidhi’s period designed like an umbrella but it looked like a mushroom in directly meaning MGR not worthy. When Jayalalitha came to Power in 1991 she reconstructed the Tomb in the form of Lotus and paid respect to her Mentor and Guide.

The first tomb was constructed by a contractor named B.L.Srinivasan and he is the same contractor who again given Tender to demolish the Tomb. How I know it? Because I worked as Typist in the Public Works Department, the work was carried out by Buildings Sub Division I of Buildings Division II. I also had the chance to talk with the Contractor he was a nice gentleman.


February 16, 2007

MGR acted in 134 films (2 films after his death) and he co stared with many actress but MGR fans most loved pairs are Saroja Devi, Jayalalitha and Lath. MGR Fans admire these 3 actresses, so much and they call them lovingly as Sister-in-laws.

Saroja Devi was called Elder Sister-in-law (Periya Anni) MGR first paired with Saroja Devi in the movie “Thirudathae” (Don’t Steal) as she was a new face to Tamil movie. Her mother tongue is Kannada. She was also called as “Abinaya Saraswathi” and “Kannada Paingkili”. The shooting of “Thirudathae” was postponed and eventfully MGR’s block buster movie “Nadodi Mannan” (Wander and King) released. That gave her immediate Stardom status.

This pair continued for a decade until Saroja Devi got married with Mr.Harsha. MGR and Saroja Devi acted as Hero and Heroine in 26 films and out of these “Nadodi Mannan” and “Enga Veetu Pillai” were Silver Jubilee films. One flop film (only flop film for MGR) “Pasam” (Love)

When MGR was shot in January 12th 1967 by his fellow actor M.R.Radha, some of his films were dropped, some films were rechristened and some of the film heroines were changed one of these was “Ragasiya Police 115”, earlier Saroja Devi was in the role of Heroine but after the accident Jayalalitha donned the role.

One peculiar thing is that all of MGR most loved pairs showed their skin to the camera but not Saroja Devi, her character as well as the costumes is immaculate, that gave her homely appearance.

Whenever she was interviewed she says her God is MGR and she has two sad incidents in her life that were the death of her Husband and death of MGR. She never forgets MGR.

False Prophecy of an Editor

February 11, 2007

A Comedy of 1977.

Those who know Tamil please click this link.

How fast (H) is fast

February 9, 2007

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Michael Jackson Sings for MGR

February 3, 2007

Although I posted a remix of “Beat It” earlier, this video is more apt. Just CVP – Click, View, Post – Enjoy and post your comment.