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March 9, 2010

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Golden Jubilee Function Part IV

September 8, 2009

Part of the MGR Fans who graced their presence for the function.









Actress B.S.Saroja entered the dais to receive the MGR Award. Continued by all MGR Co-stars and other VIPs.









From left Kavingnar Muthulingam, Na.Kamarasan, Pulavar Pulamaipithan, Actress Sachu, S.N.Lakshmi, Rajashri, B.S.Saroja, Rajasulochana, Veniraadai Nirmala.






MGR and M.G.Chakrapani’s grand son Pradeep was welcomed by Majordasan.





M.G.C.Leelavathi welcomed B.S.Saroja with Ponnadai, followed by other VIPs…


The Golden Jubilee Book was released during the function.





All VIPs with their awards.


mgc_prabhakaran award_mgc


On behalf of M.G.Chakrapani the award was received by M.G.C.Prabhakaran and sentimental hug by Pulavar Pulamaipithan.




Founder of MGR Bio diesel Alagarsamy was welcomed by Theni Rajappadasan and a two minute emotional speech which entered the hearts of MGR Fans.




Will continue.

News about Pradeep

September 4, 2009

This was taken from Dinamalar Vellore edition.

WE wish him success.

Historical Speech of MGR –1980

August 13, 2009

When Congress under the Leadership of Indira Gandhi with drew support, Charan Singh Government (constituting MGR’s two ADMK Central Ministers – first Tamil Ministers of non Congress Government) resigned and subsequently India faced Parliamentary Election in 1980.

MGR already alliance with Janata Party and Karunanidhi’s DMK was allied with Indira Congress to face the Election. Sympathy wave for Indira Gandhi was present all over India, Tamil Nadu is no exception.

Indira Gandhi swept the poll and she became the Prime Minister and after that she dismissed MGR Government in Tamil Nadu, Indira Congress and DMK shared 110 seats each for the 1980 Assembly Elections. MGR fought the battle single handedly.

MGR’s foes and media predicted the end of MGR legacy in Tamil Nadu Politics and some even said that MGR will return to acting after the Assembly elections. The opposition expected hands down win, but all was changed by this historical speech of MGR in front of thousands of people not for hours just 6 minutes.

In this speech like other Political Leaders he did not ask to cast their vote to Two leaves instead he indirectly tells them how to vote and why.

Feel it for yourself by watching the video.

I received this historical speech through K.P.Suresh, and I thank him. The images in this video are taken from various books and TV shows. The final video size was 27 MB, I reduced it to 1/3rd size. Pardon for the audio quality since the original version was taken from audio tape, I don’t know who took care all these years and made this to CD format. I thank them the unknown persons involved.

Click here for the Golden Jubilee MGR movies Invitation. All MGR Fans are invited. Admission Free. Celebration Time for MGR Fans.

MGR Book

July 4, 2009

Vijaya Publications have released a paper back edition of MGR’s experience in filming “Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban” as “எம்.ஜி.ஆர், எழுதிய உலகம் சுற்றும் வாலிபன் உருவான கதை”. MGR wrote his overseas film shooting experience in Bommai Magazine from July 1971 to September 1972 titled “திரை கடலோடித் திரைப்படம் எடுத்தோம்”




I was searching this article for several years because this is the only literary work completed by MGR. All other works such as his Biography நான் ஏன் பிறந்தேன்?, என் காதலி etc were unfinished due to several reasons to name one is, after the party formation in 1972.




This book contains about 14 chapters it starts from getting permission from the Indian Government and how they procrastinated.





MGR narrates about how many of his fans were waiting near the Airport and the same when the plane takes off that he saw only the crowd beneath. Apart from MGR Fans the people who came to wish his success are N.T.Ramarao, Director Krishnan Panju, Actors Srikanth and Gemini Ganesan, Director and Producer Banthalu and also the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Karunanidhi.




In the second chapter MGR tells about the outline of the story real life characters of his Heroines from Chandrakala, Manjula and Latha. And also he tells us how much responsibility he has in take care the whole crew which appears a Himalayan task at that time.


We will come to know about the hilarity of Nagesh and Asokan in Plane. How many airplanes they changed to reach Osaka for Expo 70.




The first shot in Expo 70 was taken on 8.9.1970 and the next day is the “Ulagam azhagu” song was shot he explains how the shot was done and how many hours the crew spent in taking that particular first stanza of the song.




MGR also mentions the part played by Director P.Neelakandan in filming Ulagam Sutrum Valiban and MGR highlights the one take of MGR, Chandrakala, Nagesh, Asokan and MGR, Manjula in Expo 70 and he describes the situation how other actors co-operated.


The book ends with Hong Kong shots and how a Indian helped MGR in making the song and scenes in his own house.


The book has several unseen images, deleted scenes from Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, behind the scenes. I have upload some of the images for you.


A special mention is about the writing skill of MGR I have read some of his literary works in every work his writing skill is like conversing with us and not just a write up. This book is no different. When we read a chapter in some places our mind will ask a question, that question will be in the next sentence and when MGR explains that question some times we find a doubt and that same doubt will be in next line. It appears that we are not reading the book, it is like MGR talking to us.




All MGR fans should buy this book. The cost of the book is Rs.120/- sold in Major Book Stalls.

Records of Adimai Penn

May 15, 2009

Adimai Penn was released on 1st May 1969 all over Tamilnadu. Subsequently Hindi version was also released in North India.


 Cover of Adimai Penn Booket

I hereby produce the Silver Jubilee and Collection records of Adimai Penn movie the real 8 page booklet was done by MGR Kalaikuzhu Rasigargal Salem, which was issued during the release of Nam Nadu. I got this booklet one and half years back. I have given the last 4 pages of the booklet.


100 days collection


The collection records are categorized into 50 days collection and  100 days collection in theater wise, District wise collection and State wise collection. The booklet was issued with the help from Pallavaram Ramamurthy, Tamil Mani, Abdul Gani (Chennai) Madurai Rangasamy, Marimuthu (Trichy) Subramanian (Kovai) Vai.Ko.Rasu, Durai, Ram and Govindaraj (Salem). I am wondering how many of them should be alive now. If they are still living how many of them know that their work is being published in Internet and the World is watching their hard work. This booklet is 40 years old and the MGR Fans were at the age group of 25 to 35 at that time.




This booklet reached my hand through B.S.Raju, Editor Urimai Kural forwarded by 57 year old Abdul Gani (the same person who took part in complying the data’s.


District collection


Some of the theater collections are:


1. Sri Krishna – 100 days – Rs.4,09,243.25

2. Midland – 100 days – Rs.3,52,971.95

3. Mekala – 100 days – Rs.2,94,593.15

4. Noorjehan – 100 days – Rs.2,26,748.15


Chennai Theatre collection for 100 days – Rs. 12,83,556.50 not including other two theatres.


State wise collection


Madurai Chintamani – 100 days – 3.52.349.13

Kovai Raja (120 days) Shanmuga (18 days) – Rs.3,75,425.31

Trichy Jupiter – 100 days – Rs.2.75.575.40

Salem Shanthi – 133 days – Rs.3,00,474.12


State wise collection:

Karnataka – Rs.7,60,215.00 (10 weeks collection)

Kerala – Rs.1,82,169.71 (21 days Distributor share)

MGR produced, acted Adimai Penn Videos will follow soon.

Adimai Penn 40th Year

May 1, 2009

This day 40 years back Magnum Opus Emgeeyar Pictures Adimai Penn hit the silver screen. This month I will try to give you as much details and images of this movie.


From Today


In Chennai the theaters are Midland, Sri Krishna, Mekala and Noorjehan.


reservation record


Before hitting the silver screen the movie Adimai Penn started to create records on the 2nd day of the  reservation.


400 shows houseful


For the first time in Tamil film history a movie was houseful for 400 shows in 4 theatres in Chennai.


50 days in Banglore


This is the 50th day ad from Karnataka.




100 days Enga Veetu Pillai record was broken by Evergreen MGR acted, produced movie Adimai Penn in just 50 days.


100th day


Detailed collection records and videos will follow soon, this is the 100th day ad.


100th day run in Srilanka

Adimai Penn was also released in Srilanka in 4 theatres, Central, Jasimha, Rani and Manohara. This is the 100th day ad in Central theater. And Rani theater record run is 112 days.


25th week


Adimai Penn successfully completed 175 days in Madurai Chintamani.


MGR and Jayalalitha


MGR and Jayalalitha acted in double roles. This image is from the song sequence in the Desert.


May 15th


Diamond Pictures will be releasing the Digital version of Adimai Penn in the Second week of May. 2nd installment from the Diamond Pictures who already DTS’ed Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. The record collection of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban in DTS was above 2.5 Crores and it was already given in our Blog.


For the movie review click here


I received mail and phone calls for the wishes of Adimai Penn on its 40th year.


I thank B.S.Raju, Editor Urimai Kural, S.Vinod from Bangalore, E.Gnanaprakasam and Ramamurthy for providing information and photos to publish in our Blog.

Bose’s MGR

April 17, 2009

Every MGR Fan has a individual story with MGR. My client Mr.Bose, who retired as Superintendent from Chennai Port Trust has his own experience with MGR.


MGR in Madras Port


Mr.Bose  became MGR fan after watching Madurai Veeran and Nadodi Mannan, he was fascinated by the stylish swash buckling MGR fights.


Two times he had the opportunity, first time he saw MGR was in Broadway Chennai, MGR was collecting funds from the people  for rebuilding houses which were gutted due to fire.


Mr.Bose was having only 1 rupee in his pocket he took it and handed over to MGR, with smile MGR was touching only the coin but not Bose’s hand. So he grabbed MGR’s hand for a moment, MGR eyes gestured him  to leave his hand. He was in heaven after seeing MGR. He was carried away by the colour and charisma of MGR.


MGR receiving the Prime Minister 


The second time when Mr.Bose saw MGR was in 1983 during the inaugural ceremony of Container berth in Madras Port Trust during the reign of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.


MGR came first to the function followed by the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. Mr.Bose was near the Ministers of Tamil Nadu Nedunchezhian (not in the photo).


Prime Minister and Chief Minister entering the dias


From the images we can name some of the persons along with MGR, Khurana Governor of Tamil Nadu, R.Venkatraman (President of India) he was Cabinet  Minister in Indira Gandhi rule.


Prime Minister with Chief Minister


Mr.Bose had preserved these photos all these years. We have to thank Mr.Bose when I asked him to hand over the photos to me to share with MGR Fans in our Blog without any hesitation he handed over the photos.


Rare Images from Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban

April 10, 2009

The images below were taken from Emgeeyar Pictures “Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban” special Edition.


The book has 35 pictures 2 colour images, includes records and information’s. I have selected some 9 images most of them off the camera some of the images are  not in the movie.




Most of MGR Fans had the opportunity to see the above image, this image was taken during the first scene, click to see the whole image who was with MGR.


MGR and Latha


MGR and Latha looks up to see R.S.Manohar this shot was not included in the final cut.


MGR in Thailand


This image is from a location in Thailand.


MGR, Nagesh and Chandrakala


This shot was deleted from the movie Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban due to the length. Look at MGR’s pant it is loosely fit. In the whole movie MGR’s pants are tight fit. What could be the scene? looking at the face of Nagesh and Chandrakala it looks like comedy scene.


MGR and Mehta


This is for the photo shoot for the scene in Dusithani Hotel.


MGR and Chandrakala


Still camera angle for the song பான் சாயீ.


MGR in Expo70


MGR and Chandrakala in Expo70


Still camera angle.


MGR and Nambiyar


Taken during the fight scene these are from still cameras.


I thank  MGR Fan Venkatesan who forwarded the book to share in our Blog.


Myth Buster I

March 16, 2009

From 1978 to till date every year MGR acted movies are re-released frequently than any other actors movies. Is this is a myth (false run as mentioned by someone in the Net).


Here are some of the movie rates for the re-release, these rates are quoted by the Meeran Sahib Street Film Distributors, Chennai-2. Some of the rates quoted by the officials from AVM Productions, Diamond Pictures, Divya Films, SV Films, Anand Pictures, Shoukathbai and Good luck movies.


Regular show means 3 shows per day. Movie Rent inclusive of Print and posters for one week.

Rajnikanth Movies:


Nallavanku Nallavan – Rs.3,000 for regular show (3 shows) for one week.


Murattu Kalai – Rs.3,000 for regular show.


Ejamaan – Rs.5,000 for regular show (1,500 for single show)


Pokkiri Raja – Rs.3,000 for regular show.


Kamalhassan movies:


Thungathae Thambi Thungathae – Rs.5000 for regular show.


Sagalakala Vallavan – Rs.5000 for regular show.


Vazhvae mayam – Rs.3000 for regular show.


( For single show Rs.1500 to 2000)


Sivaji Ganesan Movies:


Uyarntha Manithan – Rs.2000 for regular show


Sorgam – Rs.2000 for regular show


Rajapart Rangadurai – Rs.2000 for regular show


Pachai Villaku – Rs.1000 for regular show


Parthal Pasi Theerum – Rs.1000 for regular show


Thanga Pathakam – Rs.3000 for regular show


Vasantha Malligai Rs.3000 for regular show (single show Rs.1000)


Uttama Puthiran Rs.2000


MGR Movies:


Ragasiya Police 115 – Rs.10,000 for regular show.


Kudieruntha Kovil – Rs.10,000 for regular show.


Kavalkaran (Black and white movie) Rs.10,000 for regular show.


Thai Sollai Thatathey (Black and White) – Rs.7,000 for regular show.


Periya Idathu Penn (Black and White) – Rs.7,000 for regular show.


For single show it is Rs.3,000 for all the above MGR movie.


For the 3 Emgeeyar Pictures movies the rent is in Lakhs.


Here is the myth buster why MGR movie is a Gold Mine.


Theater rent for One week:


Natraj Rs.40,000


Pandian Rs.45,000


Broadway Rs.40,000


Mahalakshmi Rs.50,000


Bharath Rs.1,75,000


Maharani Rs.2,00,000


Lakshmi – Rs.50,000


Muralikrishna – Rs.52,000


Albert – Rs.3,00,000


Annai Abirami – Rs.1,00,000


Abirami – 50% of the collection


These are the theatres were MGR movies are released frequently. The rent for film print is low but the rent for the theater is higher. Many movies were not re-released because of this factor of high theater rent. And the those who come to theater are people belonging to B and C category. This is the main reason why MGR movies are still going strong.


115 of MGR Movies (as Hero) all of them were running in theaters from 1977 to 1987, at present out of 115 movies 107 movies are screened all over Tamil Nadu, but some 30 films negative were lost and they have only print.


Ayirathil Oruvan was released in Annai Abirami recently and collected 1,56,000. Albert collection of Nadodi Mannan is well known. Abirami and Albert are A center theatres. MGR movies collect well in A,B and C centres.


Here are some videos for myth buster.


Ulagam Sutrum Valiban re-released in October 2008 in Motcham theater.



This is from Natraj Theater for the movie Ithayakani.


MGR is the Emperor in Collection for Re-release movies.