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MGR and Leo Tolstoy

August 1, 2008

I received a mail from Madam Radha and she wanted to know about the details of MGR movie “Panakari” based on Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina.” I searched my entire collection, and called all my friends and Jr.MGR Pradeep. And found out that the movie “Panakari” was released in the year 1953 and MGR acted as anti hero. T.R.Rajakumari was the heroin. I found 4 images of this movie and all came from MGR Story and MGR Ninaivugal both published by Ithayakani Vijayan. I forwarded the images to her and she thanked me.

Madam Radha is of Indian origin and now she is living in the U.S. She searched for MGR movies on the internet and found our Blog and was very happy to see such thriving interest in MGR and his contribution.

She has had the good fortune of having known MGR professionally and has met him a couple of times. On every one of those occasions she was impressed with MGR’s memory to remember people, his attentiveness to everyone who was present, his respect to the artists and his sense of humor.

She is not a MGR Fan but she respect him deeply and consider him as a unique individual who gave a lot to the people he served and entertained.

She mailed me four photos. They were taken in 1979/80.

They offered some sweets with coffee and MadamRadha did not have any, MGR asked her, if she was trying to be careful about what she eats. That is why she is smiling.

I thank Madam Radha for mailing me the photos and sharing her experience with MGR Fans through this Blog.