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Two Devotees and a Fan

July 21, 2007

I contacted a MGR devotee Yukesh Babu and asked him to pass some details of MGR to me. And he obliged to send it through internet. I asked to hand over the details to me personally so that I can see him. Yesterday he came sharply by 4.30 pm. accompanied with him another MGR devotee M.Sathyamoorthy alias Sathya. Yukesh as well as Sathya belonged to “PONMANACHEMMAL SRI MGR BAKTHARKAL KUZHU” this network has reached up to Madurai which is headed by S.Kumar. Who updates them with info of collection in Box office done by MGR movies.

Yukesh Babu is of my age, and he had a Ring engraved the three letters Tamil people wont forget “MGR”. Sathya was very young he was not even 26 years old who is residing in Narayana Maistry Street, Otteri, Chennai. To me Sathya was more than a Devotee, he adheres to MGR’s principle, he did not even drink Coffee or Tea because they have caffine – which MGR has said not to drink to his fans. (MGR drinks only Milk) He only watches MGR movies in theatres not another film. He was a very strict MGR Devotee. I felt proud of him. They are eager to make a Web site for MGR.

They also told me that they are against of using MGR film name nowadays and the using MGR as a comedien in some shows which are telecasted in Sun and Vijay TV. I asked them what is wrong of using MGR film name, already some films Nadodi Mannan, Ragasiya Police have released but they failed in the Box Office. Now there is a news of using MGR film name Nam Nadu by Sarathkumar who is also a MGR fan. But they said, we are not against title Nam Nadu we did not like the name Ayirathil Oruvan used again. Because it is a synonym of MGR. I felt right, is there any suggestion MGR Fans? what do you feel?

Yukesh Babu said one thing which gave a tinge of melancholy in the spirited conversation is the death of MGR, he said if MGR death took place now I might not live, I cant think the death of Thalaivar. I also told them whenever I watch in a Cinema Hall the first scene of MGR my eyes becomes watery and ecstatic, I feel relived after seeing MGR.

After 15 minutes of preamble they started to reveal the tip of the Ice Berg giving out the details of MGR related stuff. Which is exhaustive to me. After they left my Office I thought about myself, really I am capable of doing this work. How did they believe I am the right person of doing this task. I don’t know. But I will try do my best, and the spirit of MGR will guide me.