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Chatting with Jr.MGR

November 23, 2008
21st November evening there was sudden change in weather. By 6 pm an unexpected heavy rain I got in the middle the time was ticking I thought that I will not reach my home to join the Chat that was planned for the Virtual meet of Pradeep Balu with MGR Fans around the World.

Some how I reached by 7 pm and opened our Blog and found that MGR Peran (Pradeep Balu) and Siva was online. The first to ask Pradeep Balu was Siva then one by one MGR Fans started to join the chat at one time there was 13 people in chat (And 3 guest unknown to me and they did not chat they were just spectators, one from Singapore, Malaysia and another Valley Forge California this particular person is visiting our Blog 2 to 3 times a day – Sir please tell about yourself).

MGR Fans who participated in Chat:

1. Mr.Siva Shanmugam from Boston.

2. Mr.Abul Hassan alias MGR Visiree from Albany, New York.

3. Mr.Alagarsamy, Closest friend of MGR from 1972 – Chennai.

4. Mr.Cholan alias MGR Fan, Coubervile, France.

5. Mr.Yukesh Babu, MGR Devotee from Chennai.

6. Mr.K.P.Ramesh alias KPR from Dubai.

7.Mr. K.P.Suresh, Chennai.

8. Guest xxxxxxx

9. Guest xxxxxxx

10.Guest xxxxxx

11. Sathya through mobile

Guests only answered which film they liked. And 3 guest who did not participated in the Chat.

At one time KPR mentioned that he was the oldest person aged 38 to participate in the Chat but during Chat Abul Sir and Alagarsamy Sir came to chat and in this age they participated in Chat for the sake of MGR. It is a wonderful evening everyone enjoyed, Pradeep was telling about memories of MGR and MGC.

The chat session at first looked confusing because number of questions was increasing and Pradeep found difficult to follow then KPR came in and made order. Thanks to him. After that the chat session was crystal clear to all and the questions were answered by Pradeep in ease.

I thank MGR Fans who chatted all the way from United States such as Albany, New York, Boston, Dubai and France.

And Pradeep Balu Grand son of MGR also thanked personally who participated in the Chat.

I thank Pradeep Balu who allowed me to conduct such an online experience and who personally gave some technical advice and from his hectic schedule was online for 2 hours and 30 minutes and kept his cool whenever the questions were very personal.