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Picture Festival II

November 13, 2007

Historical Movies of MGR:

This movie is the first Tamil Colour film. Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum was a huge successful film. The movie has only one song for MGR and that too a duet song, anybody noticed? This picture is dedicated to Tamilan.

I was looking at this picture without blinking my eyes. MGR was very beautiful in this costume. Second time he was wearing this Roman costume other than Sathya movies movie “Kavalkaran”. To my knowledge the most expensive dress he used in “Adimai Penn”.

Baghdad Thirudan the only movie that Actress Vaijayanthi Malai starred with MGR.

Kulabaghavali film is based on Trickery and Magic. But MGR cut short all the magical essence from the story. This is a Dharbar Scene.

Movie – Kanchi Thalaivan
A portrait feature of King (MGR) the chest ornamental decoration is different and cannot be seen in other historical moive. Can I say that this delicate difference in costumes used by MGR appeases and looks good only for him? This picture is dedicated to Tamilan

Hair Style

After 1958 or so MGR used different kinds of wigs to enhance the character he acted. The wigs he used looks as original hair. Look closely all the pictures except Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum and Kulabaghavali (original hair) all the pictures here are with wig. Do you see any wrinklings in the forehead, which clearly indicates the use of wig. Only two actors from the Golden Era have this distinct feature one was MGR and other was Sivaji Ganesan.

I will try to post the photos of MGR and Sivaji Ganesan starred film “Kundu Kili”