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Happy Birth Day Thalaivaa

January 17, 2009

This is the 275th post, I was thinking what to post today, but the grandest of all came online. The trailer of MGR animated movie Puratchi Thalaivan. First time in the world a Tamil Actor (who left earth 21 years back and 31 years from the movie world) is back again through animation. MGR movies are money spinner. It is proved even in this High Tech century.

This is the official web site of Puratchi Thalaivan Click

The website carries the capiton “MGR’s first 3D animated Film”

The video clip starts with the title given to other actors such as Super Star, Supreme Star, Mega Star, Ultimate Star, Little Super Star, Winning Star, Victory Star – The Star of all Stars our MGR.

The clipping continues a red screen on it tamil words வாழ்ந்தவர் கோடி மறைந்தவர் கோடி மக்கள் மனதில் நிற்பவர் யார்? now the screen opens and MGR emerges, does some Nadodi Mannan style and a ship is sailing and MGR shooting an arrow.

Watch for yourself. The video clip is 8 MB size and time is 2 minutes.